• Do you want to be a classic singer and worry about whether you will succeed? 
  • Do you suffer from performance anxiety or stage fright? 
  • Do you feel you need some guidance as to what the next best step ought to be in your performing career? 
  • Does your life as a singer or musician cause you to stress or resort to addictive behaviours such as alcohol addiction?

    If the answer is yes to any of the above questions I can help. 
    As a classically trained tenor with over fifteen years performing experience I can help guide you through all the emotional ups and downs as you embark upon a career in classical singing.  Furthermore my experience as a performer has equipped me with various strategies to learn music and combat nerves.

As both a counsellor and singer I can talk to you about some of the technical aspects of your performance routines and all the various other challenges facing you in your daily life in order to help you bring out the best in your performance.  Being a classical singer is hard work as it requires discipline, patience, determination, persistence and perseverance.  I am passionate about working through these challenges with you.