For NDIS Participants

At Adam’s Counselling we support and provide therapy to clients who live with disabilities.  Adam’s Counselling has extensive experience in helping various NDIS participants manage with Bipolar and Schizophrenia.  (Hearing Voices.)  At Adam’s Counselling, we try to understand voice hearing experiences rather than challenge them.  At Adam’s Counselling, we have experience in helping NDIS participants with disability related addictions and social anxiety.  At Adam’s Counselling we are also able to help clients manage and combat OCD, (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), where we spend considerable time minimizing the impact of unwanted intrusive thoughts.

We can also help NDIS participants find a support coordinator and access other support services.

At Adam’s Counselling we empathize with those who live with any kind of disability be it physical or mental, and that is why we offer individualized attention and care to all clients living with disability.